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Pick-Up & Drop Off Catering

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  • Salad $55

    Served with our sweet Italian vinaigrette or pink celery seed dressing.

  • Meatballs Parmigiana $85

    30 homemade meatballs topped with parmesan.

  • Italian Sausage & Peppers $95

    Charbroiled with sweet green and red peppers.

  • Stuffed Banana Peppers $85

    30 stuffed peppers baked with sausage and topped with cheese.

  • Pasta Purses $125

    Pasta purses served with a rosé sauce.

  • Tortellini Alfredo $125

    Tortellini served with creamy Alfredo sauce.

  • Rigatoni $95

    Served with red tomato marinara or meat sauce.

  • Pasta Mafia $150

    Broccoli, peppers, scallions, steak and a Parmesan cream sauce.

  • Lasagna Rolls $125

    Stuffed with ricotta cheese and red sauce.

  • Chicken Specialties $135

    Choose from Parmigiana, Marsala, Lamone or Siciliano. Served over a bed of spaghetti.

  • Veal Specialities $175

    Choose from Parmigiana, Marsala, Lamone or Siciliano. Served over a bed of spaghetti.

Above selections will serve 20 to 25 people each.

  • Big Cannoli $4 Each

    Served with chocolate sauce.

  • Mini Cannoli $2 Each

    Served with chocolate sauce.

  • Extra Quart of Salad Dressing $8 Each
  • Extra Quart of Marinara Sauce $10 Each


  • Frickers Chicken Wings $150

    100 Frickers wings in your choice of sauce.

    FRICKIN' SAUCES: Sweet Teriyaki, BBQ, Lonely Pony Honey Garlic, Candied Chili Pepper, Cracked Pepper Parm, Bourbon Molasses, Medium, Garlic Parm, Hot, Hot Honey Mustard, Spicy Chipotle, Little Kicker, Kicker, BBQ Killer, Killer, Frickin' X-Scream

    DRY RUBS: Cajun Dust

  • Spinach Artichoke Dip $75

    Homemade with a blend of cheese, artichokes, pita chips.

  • Pulled Pork $100

    Served with Frickers BBQ sauce and slider buns.

  • BBQ Ribs $150

    Fire roasted rack of ribs with Frickers BBQ sauce.

  • Brick Oven Pizza $75

    Five pizzas with your choice of unlimited toppings.

    TOPPINGS: Pepperoni, Sausage, Bacon, Salami, Ham, Mushrooms, Black Olives, Onions, Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Banana Peppers, Jalapeños, Sauerkraut and Pineapple

  • Crispy Breaded Shrimp $95

    Crispy fried shrimp served with coconut dipping sauce or cocktail sauce.

  • Chicken Pepper Pasta $100

    Chicken pepper pasta with chicken, penne pasta, sauteed green and red peppers.

  • Lake Erie Perch Market Price

    Lake Erie Yellow Perch.

  • Herb Roasted or
    Crispy Buttermilk Fried Chicken

    Choose herb roasted or crispy buttermilk fried chicken.

  • White Cheddar Mac & Cheese $75
  • Potato Du Jour $65
  • Vegetable Du Jour $65

Above selections will serve 20 to 25 people each.

Traditional Buffet-Style

Perfect for groups of 50 or more!

Tour of Eatly Buffet

  • Italian chopped salad with our sweet Italian vinaigrette.
  • Grilled Italian sausage with sweet green and red peppers.
  • Pasta purses in our creamy Parmesan tomato rosé sauce.
  • Rigatoni with our classic red tomato sauce.
  • Chicken Parmesan.
  • Cannolis stuffed with chocolate chip ricotta.

$28 per Person
Plus Tax & Gratuity

Dinner Celebration Buffet

  • Salad bar with assorted toppings and salad dressing.
  • Roasted cauliflower and broccoli.
  • White truffle rigatoni and cheese.
  • Cornflake chicken cordon bleu with hollandsaise sauce.
  • Guinness braised short ribs.
  • Raisin rum bread pudding.

$30 per Person
Plus Tax & Gratuity

Sandwich Buffet

  • Deli sandwich buffet.
  • Sliced ham, turkey and roast beef.
  • Tomatoes, onions, lettuce.
  • Bread basket with assorted breads.
  • Homemade pastas salad.
  • Red skin bacon potato salad.
  • Condiments.
  • Add soup or salad for additional $2-4 per person.
  • Boxed lunches available,
    $12-15 per person.

$20 per Person
Plus Tax & Gratuity

Appetizer Buffet

  • Vegetable pinwheels.
  • Olive and tomato bruschetta.
  • Italiano potato chips.
  • Sweet and sour cocktail meatballs.
  • Bourbon molasses chicken chunks wrapped in bacon.
  • Sauerkraut balls with bistro dipping sauce.
  • Condiments.

$20 per Person
Plus Tax & Gratuity

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